The following books were written by our Founder & President, Dr. J.W. Stansell!

A book that exposes Lucifer's plan for world dominion, as well as the major players of the NWO. This book covers it all: Freemasonry, the Jesuits, sun worship, etc. See how Nimrod and Semiramis created a system called Baal Worship that controls many religions and secret societies today. Discover how America is political Babylon. Many other subjects are covered in this large work.

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In this book Evangelist J.W. Stansell, Ph.D., draws from his 33+ years of experience in the Prison Ministry, to offer a complete training manual for ministers who desire to get involved in this much needed mission field.

This book contains a complete study on God's Holy Sabbath. Many questions are answered with Bible references. A must have for any serious student of the Bible

Before Jesus ascended back to Heaven He left the Church with a Great Commission. We all have a job to do for Jesus. In this book Dr. Stansell presents a training manual in Personal Evangelism and Soul Winning. Every Christian needs to read this book.

Dr. Stansell, a former 32nd Degree Mason proves that Freemasonry is an ancient false religion that can cause generational curses, and give demons a legal right oppress its members and their ancestors.

Dr. Stansell does a simple, yet informative, survey of the Bible. This is a great study tool for Sunday School classes, Bible Study groups, and for individual use.

This is a simple, yet complete, study of what the Bible has to say on the subject of angels. A must read for any serious student of the Word

A complete study on the fall and redemption of mankind

Dr. Stansell exposes the true origins and the evils of Halloween in this small, but powerful, book.

There is a spiritual battle taking place on earth and the souls of men are at stake. Learn how to fight the enemy and to cast out demons. Through Christ, you can stomp a mud hole in the Devil

It Happened On The Way To Prison is a collection of true, and often times hilarious, stories that the ministry team of Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism have experienced while traveling to and from prisons they have ministered inside of it.

It Happened On The Way To Prison will make you laugh, cry, and be thankful to a merciful God! 

Dr. Stansell exposes how the rituals and writings of Freemasonry offers its members a false salvation that leads to a life of bondage, and eventually to the Second Death.