Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism is an international, non-denominational, prison ministry that is dedicated to setting the captives free by proclaiming the saving and delivering power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To accomplish this mission we have the following 7 Point Outreach Plan:


1. Our main purpose is to shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ behind the dark walls of prison. Therefore, we hold live evangelistic church services inside the State Prisons here in South Carolina. We also mail out free Bibles, tracts, soul winning material, and Christian growth literature to inmates throughout the nation.

2. To further evangelize lost inmates, and to disciple those that receive Christ as their Savior,  Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism, Inc. operates a Correspondence Bible School called Gospel Lighthouse Bible Institute, where we offer FREE correspondence Bible Courses to inmates in jails and prisons all across America. We also offer accredited studies and degrees in Theology to people all across America, and the world. Currently, we have an extension campus in Pakistan.

3. We operate a Media Department, whereby we spread the Gospel through the printed page, and through social media groups on the Internet.

4. We operate a Victims Advocacy Department that ministers to the innocent victims of crime; especially the children.

7.  We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by any and all means and opportunities made available to us.