We at Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism understand that our children are the future of our churches and our nation. We also understand how that the values and future of our children are determined at an early age. Television, video games, and other social media have a great impact on their lives and future development, as does the other children that they associate with , and the older youth that they look up to. Therefore, it is imperative that our children be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ at an early age. We must also warn them about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and the occult.

The workers at GLPE are dedicated to reaching our youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to instill Biblical principles into the lives of the youth that we work with, while warning them about the dangers of alcohol, drugs,and  the occult. We also warn them about the dangers of hanging out with the wrong crowds.  So when you give your financial gifts to GLPE you are investing in the future of our youth and the Kingdom of God.

​​Pictures From Our Kids For Christ Event 

​​Pictures From Our Kids For Christ Event 

 GLPE Kids, Helping Kids make life Forming Decisions

Recent pictures of the pizza party and Bible study hosted by GLPE

In August 1984, the shelter opened it's doors to receive our first children and at that time the House was licensed to care for 16 children. Today the House is licensed to care for 54 children.

Today, Helping Hands of Clemson, Inc. is an emergency shelter and foster home for abused and neglected children from across the upstate of South Carolina. They accept boys and girls, of all ethnic backgrounds, from birth through age twelve.

Their children come from DSS placements and have become one of the state's largest emergency shelters. The majority of their children come from Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, and Pickens counties. All the children placed with them have been removed from their homes due to one or more factors involving neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or emotional abuse. The children stay with the shelter until DSS can reunite them with their families. If family reunification isn't possible DSS will attempt to place the children with other relatives and foster families. 

Those at Helping Hands are dedicated to providing these children with a safe and loving environment that meets all their immediate needs for survival.

We here at GLPE provide the children at Helping Hands with school supplies, homemade pillows, toys, and special fun days. In all that we do we present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.