Does God's Grace Blot Out The Law? shows that God's Law and His Grace does not work in competition with each other, but in perfect corporation.

The Beast, The Dragon and the Woman gives a concise overview of the Bible's most compelling and perplexing end-time players and the struggle between truth and error as seen in Bible Prophecy.

The Abomination of Desolation illuminates one of the most obscure Bible prophesies.

The Desire of Ages is Ellen G. White's classic on the life and ministry of Jesus–the One who stands at the center of all human history. No one else has had such a profound influence on Planet Earth as Jesus Christ. In this book the author does not set forth the events of Jesus’ life in strict chronological order, but she presents Him as the One who can satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart.

Absent From The Body provides irrefutable evidence from the Bible that people do NOT go directly to heaven or hell when they die. A clear explanation of 2 Corinthians 5:8.

Hogs & Other Hazards gives a concise explanation of the four Bible texts that seem, at first glance, to advocate  the eating of unclean meats.

The Search for the True Church identifies God's true Church!

Patriarch and Prophets presents the story of the conflict between good and evil--between Christ and Satan--from its beginning, starting with the origin of evil, then taking up the creation of the world, the Bible patriarchs, Israel's Egyptian bondage and Exodus, and their establishment in Canaan up to the time of David.

Death in the Kitchen reveals how millions of Americans are digging their own graves with a fork, and reveals how the Bible gives principles that can help us live longer and healthier.

Spirits of the Dead gives Biblical proof that the soul is NOT immortal by nature. A must read for Christians and sinners alike.

Why God Said Remember is a classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath. It shows God's loving, but urgent attempt to keep the truth of His Creationbefore a world in need,

The Great Controversy picks up the story at the destruction of Jerusalem and follows, in broad outline, the major issues of the conflict between Christ and Satan as they have been seen in the history of the Christian church down to our own day--and beyond, based on what the Bible says will yet take place.

Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism would like to make the following FREE online books available to you. These books will be a great blessing to anyone who reads them, and will guide the reader into present truth! Just click onto the book covers.

Is Sunday Really Sacred? examines every Bible text which deals with Sunday. 

National Sunday Law explains exactly who the beast is, what the image of the beast is, and what the mark of the beast is. A fascinating book and a must for anyone in search of the truth.

Steps To Christ deals with the central issue of how to become and remain a Christian--the concern at the core of Mrs. White's voluminous writing. In just 13 short chapters, Steps to Christ, will help you discover the steps in finding a forever friend in Jesus. Thousands have become acquainted with Jesus through this little book, and it has helped many more, including those who have walked with Him for years, know Him better.

The Beast reveals how Satan is preparing people to fall for his last-day delusions and the mark of the beast.

Prophets and Kings opens with the story of Solomon’s glorious reign over Israel and continues through the remaining kings of Israel and Judah including the times of the prophets, and ends with the nation’s exile and captivity. It traces the history of a favored and chosen people, vacillating between allegiance to God and to the gods of the nations around them. In these pages can vividly be seen dramatic evidences of the raging struggle between God and Satan for the hearts of men and women.

Acts of the Apostles presents the amazing story of the early Christian church through the rest of New Testament times. After Jesus was victorious over Satan and returned to heaven, the enemy turned his attention to Jesus’ church on earth. Here are thrilling stories of fierce persecutions and unswerving loyalty to God.