​​When it comes to child abuse, domestic violence and rape most of us remain silent because we simply don't know what to do and unfortunately this is also true in churches and most Christian organizations. We simply don't realize that not talking about it and offering tangible solutions only enhances a growing problem in choosing to ignore this problem or sweep it under the rug only serves to increase its activity.

So the growing question remains, "as an individual What can I do" ?
 "AND THE ANSWER IS", you can do more than you realize. You can get involved or if you wish help from a distance.There are many organizations that are dedicated to helping abused children, women of domestic violence, rape / incest victims and the incarcerated men and women found guilty of such acts. Organizations and ministries such as,Helping Hands of Clemson stands on the front lines every day working with children of all kinds of abuse, The Rape Crisis counselors work with women / Girls of all ages who are victims of various sexual violence. Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism offers the only true rehabilitation to incarcerated men and women found through
Jesus Christ, and works with children, youth and adults in education and prevention. 

This ministry helps to empower the people that are doing something on a daily basis to combat these growing problems. When we join together with our resources we can make a big difference. Get in touch with us today and find out what you can do to change the world, one inmate, one child, and one broken heart at a time.

We are looking for churches, individuals, Christian organizations and businesses to partner with us and help change the lives of hurting men, women and children. To find out what you can do contact J.W. Stansell, by email   jwstansell80@gmail.com

or call him direct at  864-507-0041

With Your Prayers your Help and Your Support "YOU" make it possible for men and women to have Bibles  and attend an accredited Bible college through correspondence courses free of charge.
You make it possible for inmates to have an alternative to gangs and false religion while incarcerated in our nations prisons.

With Your Prayers your Help and Your Support "YOU" Make it Possible for hearts to be healed, love to be felt,

and mercy to be shown

With your prayers your and your support, "YOU" supply  stuffed animals, school supplies, handmade pillows, shampoo, Combs and hairbrushes, body wash and the love of Christ  to abused kids right here at home in the upstate of South Carolina..

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Gospel Lighthouse Prison Evangelism, Inc. is an international and  multifaceted ministry. We are highly involved with our nation's prisons and others in various parts of the world teaching  true rehabilitation through Jesus Christ. GLPE is also involved with teaching kids life forming decision-making practices through our staff and various covenant partners.

GLPE is Proud to join hands and partnership with Helping Hands of Clemson, the Pickens City Police Department, and others.

Look around the website while you're here, get to know us and visit us often. And Thank You for your prayers and your ongoing support for helping us achieve our goals through Jesus Christ.